the elephant is practicing the letting go…

how often did I hear this, “you just have to let go” and yet the practice and the experience can be so different, sometimes difficult and sometimes easy.

Letting go of an annoying coworker is difficult while you have to work on a daily basis with him or her, but letting go of the person once you have left the job is easy.

Letting go of people you love is different, it isn’t easy and it won’t become easier with time, or perhaps yes?

I think about all the great people I have met here during the last 6 1/2 years and the friendships which grew over time.  I know that I will miss them, but I also know that I will somehow stay connected with the once close to my heard…

I think once you realize, that nothing is forever, even the loss of something or someone isn’t  forever, it gets easier to let go. The experience teaches me that there are great people all over the world and by letting go of your friends, new ones will come and yet you can always stay connected, with all of them and if it is only in your spirit. We are all connected anyway..

2 responses to “the elephant is practicing the letting go…

  1. Change, and its effects, takes time to process. Change is necessary and inevitable. Healthful connection with those to help stabilize what is uncontrollable (change), aids greatly in maintaining one’s physical health and their mental/emotional well being. Further, welcoming change, as opposed to fighting against it, can be supportive for developing optimism, and the willingness to let go.

  2. Well said Heike! We will enjoy reading more of your blog as you and Eric dust off those elephant wings and start flying! Love to you both! -Tim and Chelsea

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