Practicing of letting go part 2 – I rather give my husbands stuff away

When you have to pack boxes and you have to decide what to take with you and what to leave behind in order to minimize shipping cost you quickly learn a lesson about attachment and the meaning of mine.

I discovered that it is much easier to let go my husbands belongings then my stuff. I would ask him if he really want to ship that particular green coat (which I never really liked), or his collection of extra heavy yearbooks where you would have to spend hours of looking through them to discover him in a group photo only his head showing in the  size of the my pinky finger fingernail.

Versus I was certain that it would be very important to pack most of my books I read once but moved them about four times during last years, or the sweater which hangs since years in the closet and tells me that I will dearly regret it tomorrow if I give it away today.

Inspired by a dharma talked I listened to  I figured out that we care about things much more if we gave them our name and made them to a part of mine.

Heike’s book is much closer to me than Eric’s book, but for Eric it is reversed. Interesting is also that the attached grows with the time it belongs to us and the time we spend together with the thing. I wonder if we make the things to something human, that we create a relation to it as if this thing is our best friend or worse a the things are part of us and define who we are…

It takes some mind ticking to let the things go and tell yourself that the thing is just a thing. I practice this with our sofa, one of my most favorite places to be in our house. Perhaps it helped that the sofa is from Ikea and Ikea thankfully exists also in Swiss and Germany….But it is a practice and you really have to train the letting go.

A thought which heped me was the question of what was the thing and what was I befor the thing became mine? And what happes if the thing goes away, do I change then or does it make me less me of who I am?

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