flying during stormy weather….

Since days now it is raining and storming outside and inside. On one hand side this is good, so I can’t leave the house, on the other hand it is reflecting my mood.

Only two days left and the movers are coming to pick up our stuff. This means under normal circumstances I should fly through the house and throw all things in a box, BUT it’s not easy. With every little thing you have to think twice if you will still need it to the last minute or if you can let it go for the next two to three month, the time all the things will disappear in a box and travel around half the world…

The other storm is internal and related to all the organization things,  like selling stuff over the internet. Thanks god for Craigslist and at the same time damn this service which has put us so much under pressure. Apparently Craiglist has a way  to “ghost” postings – you post something but it never will show up… It would be a too time consuming to explain it but you can google it.  Like in live things always choose to become a problem when you definitely don’t want to deal with it…10 days before leaving the country and being in the need of selling two cars, Craigslist has put us on the spot to waste hours figuring out how to  solve this issue.

Finally we did figured it out and at the same time the weather decided to make it impossible to show the cars to anyone. Rain and storm and a pretty dark sky is not the kind of backdrop someone would like to choose to go out and check out a used car..

and this is how I feel today 🙂

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