riding the current

the past few days reminded me on a scene of the movie “finding Nemo”, when the two fish entering and riding the current to south east Australia.

What that picture holds for me is that you enter some kind of time stream on one side of the world and then get spit out on the other side.

It is hard to describe how fast the last days went by and how impossible it was to think further then the next minute ahead. The complex tasks to finalize all and to pack everything up as well as figuring out how to ship the remaining twelve boxes was so much that my brain could not content one more little thought.

Thankfully celebrating christmas with a loving family and friends created a space where we had a break from the organizational stuff and were able to get in touch with the feelings related to that big move and transition.

I know that there is so much still to reflect on and to process that it will take more time and more sentences in the future.

Right now all there is left are some few hours to terminate the old year 2010 and to start the new one which will hold so much change for us.


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