recognizing some old patterns

Once the elephant comes home to its roots, to his beginning years he has the chance to see old, sometimes forgotten and overcome patters.

It is interesting to see how we can change over the years, how different people and different cultures can help us to either overcome old patterns or create new patterns and sometimes to learn to overcome what once hold us back in a place we did not want to belong to.

Being back here in Germany with my family brings back memories of old times, times in which I saw things in a different light other than I can see them today.

Having the experience of a different culture and a lifestyle influenced by different people and thought concepts makes it interesting to look again at things which once where so familiar. Discovering that these same things can be looked at and experienced in a new way.

Sometimes it is difficult for the people who have known you before to see you as the person you have become and to overwrite and newly learn to get to know you as you are today.

It is a great learning experience for yourself, to let your friends and family develop and to get to know them over and over again not assuming that the person you once knew is still the same old person. Look out for the new addition of  the one they have become and enjoy them as you would enjoy the new volume of an ongoing novel.

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