flying with a safety net

Tomorrow it will be a week since we left SF. Since 6 days I am back with my parents and since this time four really good old friends contacted me, a good old friend connected with my husband and he will meet with two people he connected with while we were still in the US, next week.

Not only the new/ old connections here but also the friends and family we had to leave behind in the US who ask about our journey and who stay in touch with us help us  that we do not feel like free-falling.

It really feels like a safety net, to have in addition to our family and friends,  people who connect with us already in the first week. It is an amazing feeling of comfort and care, not only from the ones who love us but also form the universe, that things seemingly fall in place.

Taking day by day, sleeping as much as we need and keeping our focus on the final goal feels just good.

And yet I still have difficulties to fall asleep and trust that all will in deed fall in place and we will continue very soon with our lives.

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