Where the mind can immerse in relaxation

„Wo man die Seele baumeln lassen kann“ is a German expression which is difficult to translate in a direct way. So I have to do my own translation for it with “where the mind can immerse in relaxation”.

Today we stopped at one of my favorite coffee places, other than in the US, most people actually sit down to enjoy a real cup (not a paper cup with plastic lit) of coffee.

Just sitting there for 20 min. I could feel how my mind dipped into a huge pot of relaxation, almost like sitting in a warm hot tub, where all the big and small muscles or in my case all the big and small worries dissolve for the time sitting there, smelling and tasting the coffee and having some fine light conversation about…nothing important.

The first time since I am here,where I was dipping my mind in this huge pot of relaxation was a moment, perhaps just three minutes in a church of my mother’s hometown, where only some few people where in the church, holding this quietness together in such a way that the quietness became so present that one could feel it, almost as someone would place his hand on my shoulder. These are the moments, just some few minutes which I love so much and which are for myself so easily accessible here.

Well, at least as long I do not have to work….

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