The relativity of time

Problems become problems if we put our expectations and wanting in a specific time frame. Once we disregard time it is much easier to accept things as they are in the present moment.

In my situation it means that it is not a problem to look for a job (or especially a job I really would love) if I would give myself enough time.

When we left California and we planned the next new beginning, we had a very particular idea of how fast things would materialize. Coming closer to this time line (I had in my mind – four to six weeks) I realize how much tension is building up in me, how I was feeling an urge of completion. Not to panic and to stay cool in our situation is a challenge but it is the only way to reach the goal we set for ourselves some months ago.

If I think about the irrationality of setting myself an exact date of completing my job search and finding a place to live, it is almost ridiculous.

It seems to me as I would like to tell my plants and vegetables to grow faster and to be ripe on exactly that day I want them to be  ready.

Thankfully with plants we are all much smarter and we know that we can only influence so many parameters, but with ourselves, we think that we are not effected by any laws of nature and absolutely independent.

But as much as I know for the plants, I know that if I do my very best of planning and “watering my plants” my goals and plans will realize just like a tomato will ripe eventually (unless it will rain the whole summer – but this is nature).

In the meantime, I will try to enjoy the beauty of each day and not give up to want my tomato salad but to be patient for the tomatoes to ripe so that in the end I will be able to enjoy a delicious tomato salad.

One response to “The relativity of time

  1. Thank you Heike for sharing your wisdom. Wishing you big, beautiful and delicious tomatoes…whenever they are ready.

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