The relativity of time – Part II

You can’t influence time. There is no way that you are able to speed up time or jump over it like it would be a big boulder in front of your path. You also cannot stop time or hold it tight to you as you would like to do it with your loved one.

Somehow the funny thing is, that in these transition times the only thing you can do is being present. It seems to be a rare state of being in our time since we are so used to hurry on and to plan one thing after the other and run from one thing to the other.

Being somehow like captured in a place  – the place of transition is almost surreal. There was once a dharma talk on someone who comes home recognizing that his home was emptied out by robbers with nothing left behind and how this experience was for a short time a freeing moment after the first shock and before all the worries that follow. There it was that moment of emptiness, of being in the present which is so free from everything.

Somehow today I feel like this, being in the in between without the power of moving anything any faster than it is.

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