Landing: Part I

It was a sudden and abrupt landing, there was no time to think twice or capture the extend of the surprising offer.

I got a job and it seems to be even better than I expected. Working in an international office in Zürich with a job position I was looking for since a long time and projects which can compete with the last ones I worked on. But not knowing how the reality will look like, I will have to wait for the first week to pass by.

Using some of my earlier terminology: the tomatoes ripened in the full sunlight and time needed, looking and smelling as the ones you only can get in your garden. I prepared the salad and now sit on the table waiting to taste the first bite of the delicious tomato salad.

3 responses to “Landing: Part I

  1. Congratulations! I am thrilled that you landed a sweet job! Looking forward to hearing how it goes as you snack on the tomatoes! Lots of love, Chelsea

  2. Congratulations Heike!
    Best wishes on a most delicious and rewarding tomato salad.
    Reaching across the miles, spreading my love to you and Eric.

  3. Heike,
    Sorry it’s taken so long to contact you. I miss you. I’d love to hear from you. Does your new job involve cows, or Swiss cheese? Congratulations!

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