Falling in love with a city and with Europe again

My hard is overflowing with emotions and in some situations my eyes are tearing up because I feel so overwhelmed happy and grateful to be here.

Walking around, riding the bike and taking public transportation to get to know new places feels like the first few month with your teenage lover. Everything is so beautiful in this moment.

For sure, the weather and the company of my husband are supporting this.

But every flower, the fields of tulips, the blooming trees, the few of the alps and the most beautiful old houses, churches and villages are such an incredible richness I am so much enjoying.

I often wished I would have my camera with me to document what I can see.

The multi-culti city is another highpoint. Being able to hear such a diversity of languages in daily live. Coming from the Bay Area for sure you know what this means. Slowly we get to know places where we can get our comfort food – Thai – without giving to give an arm and leg for it.

Thinking Marin is expensive, take it double or sometimes three times then you get an idea how expensive live in Zurich is – well at least eating out!

Sometimes I feel like having received the Jackpot twice. Living here with my partner and working in a very interesting and fun place.

Hopefully there won’t be the same amount of tears after the “teenage love” becomes more a relationship we have to work on….

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