Elephants should be careful what they are wishing for …

Looking back on the last year, in particularly my work and what I wished for it to change, I have to say – wishing works!- so you better be very careful or very precise in what you are wishing for…

While in the last month during my previous job I often wished for the opportunity to run my “motor” (in which I revered to my brain ,my talents and my capabilities) at a  least 100% ,  I now wished it could be less.

My Motor was and still is running to the full extent of capability. But what I did not took into consideration was that no motor is meant to run without a break  with the full use of capacity, especially without a good maintenance program…

My Boss’s offer to take on a new project (on top of the one I already have)caught me by surprise. Under normal circumstances I probably would be proud to hear all his praise for my work, but thankfully I am long enough in this office to know that there are a lot of nice words without a real meaning – other than that there is lots of work waiting for you…

The perspective of  getting even more work and to continue to run my motor to the 100% lets me work on creating and formulating a new wish. This time considering all the aspects of what the interpretations of the wish could mean…

Once I come up with what I wish for again, I will hopefully be able to share it and foolproof it before I send it out into the universe…


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