intro to the elephants spriritual yourney

eventhough I never have had the experience of how it feels to “come out”,  it might feel similar to publicly write about the spiritual thoughts, ideas and questions which are part of my live.

But since it is a big part of what I do think about, what I want to learn more about and what is part of me, I might as well take on the challenge and share some of it, just in case I might not be the only one…

One great thing I came across during my years in Northern California is the Podcast “Zencast” , which has a great amount of excellent Dharma talks from different teaches.

One which still sticks with me is about the “Wisdom of Emptiness” by  Tenzin Palmo which was recorded in September 2006. Her question if we really would know  how good of a live we have struck me. “You do not have to worry about the next meal, you can think what you want, you can do what you want and you all can read what you want.  – So what are you reading ?” she asks us.

And I was thinking about the many hours I am wasting on the internet reading about insignificant stories of insignificant occurrences…

I do want to try to do my part in adding somethings which seems to me worth sharing and perhaps we can start a discuss about things worth sharing…

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