seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees

I love to go outside, walk and watch, look closer to all the things which are around us. So many things are just amazing and if you would paint them, the ones who would look at it would for sure find it “kitsch” and would say there is no way that something like this exist …

But it does in so many ways, things in nature exist which let me become speechless just because they are amazing. Today on a short Sunday afternoon walk we watched about 500 birds coming together, groups of 10, 20 or 30 birds would fly to that one tree where already 100 of birds where sitting and singing. It was spectacular to watch them perform this incredible meeting… And I just wished I would have had my camera

never ever leave the house without a camera – these precious moments are priceless…

At home I looked out the window and saw this… at least something else so beautiful which I was allowed to capture…

Looking at things very closely with all our presence, let’s really forget the name of the things, and then, just in this moment, the oneness of all the things opens up to us…

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