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the swiss perfectionism…OR where a Schokokuss get’s ectatic

Ok. before reading you should listen to this link which should lead you into the right mood and feel all easy and happy…  I found on Davids blog which I really do enjoy reading and sure enough checking out his music…


Anyway, this should be a hymn to the perfectionism of Swiss quality, which goes even down to the most simple sweets you could buy almost everywhere, but eating only one of the swiss HAND made ones will make it almost impossible to go back to the even great swiss (Migros) “standard” ones.

You are asking what the heck is a Schokokuss ???  Well if I would say it is a chocolate covered marshmallow the truth would be about as far away as my new home from my lovely San Francisco Bay Area…

Just in case you will ever travel to Zürich, look out for them and prepare yourself to always miss them in the future where you wished for them and can not find them close around you…

always enjoy the little wonders of life around you…

faith without the science – where mystic must have been a part of the daily live…

traveling through the Italian countryside is one story, being in the built environment of the old ancient towns another.

Both together probably brought up a very interesting thought we discussed during our last trip to Italy.

I remember being a small girl and always being fascinated with the sun rays pushing their way through the clouds, leading to such spectacular pictures. And my Mom telling the story of her Mom explaining that god is just at this moment blessing the earth. For me it always looked as the light shines through the door sill of heaven and we get a glimpse of  heavenly light.

These days while traveling and seeing so many of these “blessing lights”  I was wondering what live might have been in the time where science and information was not accessible to men and we where living just of the stories and explanations  we received from our ancestors.

It seems to me that live could have been easier back than, when we were able to trust and believe in things and not have a scientific explanation of all phenomena. That with the  trusting in faith we were not forced to carry so much responsibility of our better knowing of all things.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not about wishing the mid evil times back, it is just wondering if with the exploration of the nature in a scientific way we do lose an other part of reality, this part which we can’t prove (yet) of its existing.

That looking at all the details and specifying everything sometimes loses the sight of the whole entities which is more than just the addition of details.

“…But if we give too much emphasis to science and technology we are in danger of losing touch with those aspects of human knowledge and understanding that aspire towards honesty and altruism.
 Science and technology, though capable of creating immeasurable material comfort, cannot replace the age-old spiritual and humanitarian values that have largely shaped world civilization, in all its national forms, as we know it today…” – Dalai Lama