this could be another beginning

Only some few days ahead before I start the journey which could change something in my life. Could this be my personal tipping point?

I do wonder if this is just a crazy idea or if this indeed could hold the potential for a new beginning.

It is quite interesting that this ordinary vacation, as it seems for my family and friends is such an adventure for me. It almost feels as I would have a secret place to go too and would leave everyone behind. It also feels as a right of passage, some kind of initiation, even though I have no expectation nor do I think that something special will happen.Perhaps it is just the matter of fact that I did not had a vacation on my own since I went to Vietnam.

While in Vietnam the adventure was on the outside of me, France will be the internal adventure. It will not be a trans formative moment, but it will lead me further down the road, towards a self which I hope will be a little more truthful  to its own as it was  before. I hope….

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