Daily Archives: June 15, 2012

the first morning session


Waking up early surprised that I would not be more tired than I was, I got quietly up to take some photos of my most beautiful room.
After that writing some few words and going outside to take a shower.
Breakfast is, sitting on the table having just a tee to than later go to the little, only four stands sized farmers marked in this tiny village.

The quality of its food and produces is not in any relation to the size, but ratherquality than quantity.
And than finally- painting!!!
Carol giving some introduction and than just let yourself go and do it….

A little paint, a small canvas, some time and a heavenly joy wraps around your body, your brain and your heart- love art-

the first evening


I have to write, even though I am dead and wished I could just put my head on the pillow.

I am here here in the right place, everything seems to be the way it should be, from the first moment I arrived.

The dinner with Carol, Gail, Nicky and Leo is a real kick of to my stay here. Every sentence, every topic talked, shared and discussed tonight is filled with names and words of artists, of art of all the things my heart flows over with joy and my heart feels home.

It is heaven, a heaven of the love I feel for life and art. It is soo surrealistic and yet it is so real. This live does exist, these thoughts and works of and with art do exist. People do live with and from art, as their jobs. It is real and I have the luck of being part of it, at least this evening, right now. It does not matter how long it will last, there are no expectations, just the now is what counts.

I will soak myself in the fullness of art here in this house, here with these people.
Thank you creative Devine for letting me be part of art.

this time the elephant takes the train

When I planed for my trip to France I decided to do something different. I am not sure if the decision was more forced by the matter of fact that there is no direct flight from my hometown or by the desire of doing something different , the option of slow traveling. Taking a break from the hectic of the working live.
So far it worked out very well and even though I never was abler to sleep while traveling before, this time the rhythmic sound of the wheels and the soft rocking put me asleep.
Waking up later the train already made its way through France, which I was able to recognize by the old sandstone churches along the way.
Traveling in France in a TGV has its own system, the train works only with reservations, which means, that you can not choose just the seat you would like, but you are dammed to sit where your ticket puts you.
Too much of the German in me and to much of a revolter sure enough I tried it out, taking the free seat with the great view only until the next train station. Trying to not get into trouble I sneaked back to my seat, somehow a little ashamed for not playing by the rules.
Right at the point when I thought that I would be the only one with the desire of choosing my own seat, something quite interesting happened. The people who just entered the train, set down in their seats they belonged only until the rain started rolling again, assuring that there won’t be anyone else entering the train.

As soon as the train started rolling the big shoveling started. The girl diagonal from me disappeared and afterwards the girl across me set herself in a seat further away I took the chance asking the guy next to me to let me pass and choose the now free seat across from me, the seat with the great view.
And the moral of this story ? Trying to macro manage people does not work, just let the people make their own decision and everything will fall in place.