the first evening


I have to write, even though I am dead and wished I could just put my head on the pillow.

I am here here in the right place, everything seems to be the way it should be, from the first moment I arrived.

The dinner with Carol, Gail, Nicky and Leo is a real kick of to my stay here. Every sentence, every topic talked, shared and discussed tonight is filled with names and words of artists, of art of all the things my heart flows over with joy and my heart feels home.

It is heaven, a heaven of the love I feel for life and art. It is soo surrealistic and yet it is so real. This live does exist, these thoughts and works of and with art do exist. People do live with and from art, as their jobs. It is real and I have the luck of being part of it, at least this evening, right now. It does not matter how long it will last, there are no expectations, just the now is what counts.

I will soak myself in the fullness of art here in this house, here with these people.
Thank you creative Devine for letting me be part of art.

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