A rainy day and some good photos are the best precondition to a productive day…

I woke up kind of early with the urge of painting that one particular photo I took two days ago. So I started the day without a tea or a coffee and sneaked up the stairs to the studio, trying to not wake up anyone- partly because out of fear, I would be held up again to bring the painting out to life before the day actually starts.

And voy la, it almost automatically came out on the white canvas, like saying, hey, why did I have to wait for you so long…
The bike with the flowers made their way into this or better my world…


After breakfast I started another painting, using one of the most valuable instruction I learned during this retreat from Carol, saying, everything is under painting until the painting is finished. And the second equally important sentence: don’t keep it if you do not like it.  So I took the blue painting I did two evenings ago and completely over draw it. Now I feel so much more happy with it,  I actually love it.I


The last painting this evening, after having had a delicious lunch in one of the very small villages around here, I did off of one of my photographs I took some days before.It is very challenging to paint on such a small canvas and yet, I think it is a great training to learn how to place color and perhaps even some texture….
Thankfully it was raining almost the whole day, who knows where else these paintings would have ended up…


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