It is time to find my own way

After packing all my stuff together, putting the acrylics back in the plastic bags, so that they would not spill into my big backpack, it was time to say goodby to the creative spirit and community in this lovely house.
It is time to find my own way with all the detours and all the hurdles which come together with the exploring of new ways.
And in real life exactly this was happening today to me. I started off with the book village which was recommended by my friends, looking at a place just outside the village next to an old Abby to stay for one night. But I was not successful, better not patient enough and not trusting myself enough that this was a good idea. So I continued my way to a small town which I had goggled and had thought that it would be interesting, but what a disappointment. Yes it was a small town, this part is right, but it was nothing I imagined or I wanted.
After driving through the most impressive landscapes and villages, the landscape had changed and I was frustrated, that the way I thought it would work out was in that moment a total failure.
Thankfully I had learned the lesson about being persistent just yesterday so I could practicing exactly this right in that moment. By the way, this actually wasn’t very easy, since hotels on these small back roads are rare.
Just before I thought I would have to give up and sleep in my car, this very small and most cute hostel showed up with the most friendly host, testifying that persistence does pay off…
Now I am sitting on my bed,ready to fall asleep digesting all the lessons I learned in these past days, hoping to be geared up enough to continue finding my own way…

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