back to work, back to reality?

It was a hard first week back at work, and if I would not know better, I would have thought to go into a deep depression…Is it just with us creative people, or what I would assume much stronger it being the human nature, that we are the most happiest when we can express and live out our creative side, our passion and talents, free from any obligations…?

With having a distance to my work through the pure absence of the last 10 days, many worries and stressors became so superficial to me and I would have to be very careful to not show or act as I would indeed not care to much for these issues.
It helps to know that I only will have to go four more weeks before starting my creative sabbatical year…I want to thank you, for having followed my blog through the creative journey in France, it gives me hope and support to continue writing. I hope I can catch your interest also in following me through the next year. Shortly I will introduce my new idea for the creative sabbatical to you.

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