The launching of the flying elephants project

Launching the flying elephants project does not come with a big bang, nor with a big party.

It does not start with a massive advertisement campaign.

It comes quietly, it sneaks in, looks out if it can be here without being kicked out from the big ones, the grown ups who will judge about it’s value, the reason behind.

It tries t sneak by the jury who tries to kill it in the beginning, who tries to tell it, that it isn’t worth it and that it anyway never will be as successful as the professionals; an amateur who thinks it can compete…

So the flying elephant project goes and moves on its tip toe, is modest in the beginning and about it self. It will do its work quietly giving itself the permission of being in the world.

And who knows where it goes to, but at least, at least it will be out in the world, open to be criticised, to grow and to show, that it has the guts to take itself serious…

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