De-clustering is a good thing, especially when you are actually doing it instead of just re-arranging things.
The idea of giving myself some structure worked this morning only semi professional, meaning that the structure I came up with two days ago, is met so far only half way.
This is probably the reason why I am now sitting here and do show up on the page again….
Anyway, back to the de-clustering theory. In the beginning it sucks, it takes as much energy to start the process as it takes to set up an appointment with the dentist. Especially in my case where the dentist is the very last thing I go to, without being forced by either terrible pain or terrible remorse about my dental health.

Unfortunately it also does not become any better during the cleaning up process. I turn old things without any value at least three times, letting my brain (or the ancient gatherer within my DNA) convince me that for sure I will need exactly this particular worthless item sometime soon.
If than my modern brain manages to let things go, throwing things away, it will take just some few days or weeks or perhaps month until the genes win, screaming at me- I told you so!

With this experience the whole de-clustering process becomes not only an inconvenient time wasting process but also a small psycho terror between the ancient information of the genes stored within my body and the modern brain which I train so hard of letting go.

Thankfully there are these events when you get friends to stay over night and the de-clustering process is essential for making them some space to sleep…

Consequently this time I was successful there will be space for my friends to stay over. And who cares, that now my workspace is clean and the outside storage is full? Well, not counting my husband who managed his de-clustering process two days ago in the outside storage…..


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