The idea that some structure might help

Second day of the flying elephant project

I realize I need some structure, I need to make myself a nett to fall in to. Some security by giving me myself some hold.

I actually love to show up on the page in the morning without having to look at my watch with the feeling of being at the run, the run for the rat race of fame and success.

It is quiet here in this little room, even though it is full of things, our only storage, its also some kind of cave protecting me against the hectic of the day. And if there is no jumbo jet flying over the roof it is quiet as in some place far away.

Today I will continue or start again, start my commitment of producing. It will be ok to not do it in a fixed schedule by time, but in a schedule by order.

1. Getting up
2. Brushing the tees and taking a shower
3. Dressing (this time just to be comfortable, not to show off)
4. Going for a walk, starting with a small loop not to scare off my system, but to get it familiar with the movement again
5. Having breakfast as long as I want, without the hurry of having to run for the train
6. Sitting down to write
7. Doing something for fun, like going to an art store
8. Being open for what happens with the rest of the day…

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