Thanks for the non scary things in live

I just had the thought of what a luck I had yesterday to choose the butterfly as my daily task, to trick myself into producing something real.

A butterfly I guess is the least scary thing in this world, it is tender, beautiful, nice, shy and fragile. It fascinates us when we see it in a way that we hold our breath, try not to move and wish for the most irrational thing to happen, that this butterfly might stop on our hand with which we so hopeful reach out to him.

To choose exactly this creature has the power to come our monster of the resistance, the resistance which tries to hold us save in our place and makes it so difficult for us to start something new….

Lesson learned, if you start something new and the resistance tries to force you down, let the soft animal touch gently the dragon, the place keeper to show him, that there is no need to be scared and that this new thing will not try to harm, but to show and walk a new beautiful and fascinating path.


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