A healthy summer break to collect stories from the past


It feels good to take a break, it feels better to enjoy the summer with and in the cold water of one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe and it is the biggest treasure hunt to go back to your childhood and teenager memories.
I spend almost a week in my hometown where I grew up and experienced so many wonderful years, especially so many wonderful summers.

When I think of summer I always remember a German songwriter who once introduced his song about summer like this:

Thinking about getting old and to have only about thirty years left is one thing, but thinking to have only thirty summers left is an awful short amount of summers….

And this is true for me, the past seven years in California, Bay Area, where the summer mainly consists of fog and cold wind deprived me from the warm, hot summers on the lake. This year, with taking time off and having the chance to enjoy my real personal summer again I realized again how valuable this time of the year is for me. It is like getting additional fuel, energy for the rest of the year.

During these days I remembered so many stories, so many events, so many wonderful moments which I all was able to experience during the summers I had on my lake. During the night I was dreaming about writing a book compiling and composing all the wonderful experiences from this time.

Since I moved away from this region I know that the following saying is the most truthful of all:

“You only know how much you love something or someone once you lost it…”

I wander if writing might be one way of bringing back this lost love…

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