proofing that time off is not lazing around

the problem with having time off is that everyone is asking you in a kind of suspicious and cynical tone “so what are you doing now the whole day?” or they just compile it to the statement “ah, lazing around…”

While I used this morning to clean up, I thought about all the women at home either keeping their husbands back free or taking care of the next generation or even both. I know from my sister in law, that she is struggling with her position, because of exactly this prejudice. Having no payed day job seems to implicate that the person is hanging around, being lazy or just taking it easy, how difficult can it be…

So I came up with the urge to track my time, thinking it will be an important feature during a Sabbatical out of the following three reasons:
1. tracking down and making it visible to me what I did with this valuable time
2. making sure that I do not waste time by surfing the Internet and being unproductive
3. being able to show the cynical questioner that it is all, but lazing around.

It took me about 45 min. to decide which time tracking program I would use in order to manage all my smaller and bigger projects and tasks and which later could be also used to do small business.
I thought about coming up with a program for women in particular who stay home, but I guess, this is not where I want to spend my time. In addition I found out that the program I choose could be customized easily.

A program for professional time tracking can help the user to see and to show where the time has gone and that staying home can be as productive as having a payed full time job.
All it takes is making the decision in spending some extra minutes per day to track ones own time, splitting the daily tasks in separate items and keeping the record.

Try it out and if you like, let me know what you think about it.

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