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facing the root of disappointment and depression

The past two weeks after returning from our vacation I felt somehow disappointed, down and even worthless. I was in deep doubt about my ability to continue with the free time, my self chosen sabbatical. A blanket of self doubt, … Continue reading


Working and living happily with what we got

Last night I was reading the following story, touched by its truth I would like to share it and hope that I will remember it more often, especially when I think I have to gain more talent, learn another specialty, … Continue reading

the difficulty of following your hearts desire

following my heart’s desire
is more demanding
than running a multimillion dollar retail project.
It is less likely to finish this personal project
than any other project which I have faced in my professional life.

Why ???

Resistance comes in all shades,
It comes in all reasons,
and in all the soft delusional forces
of what seems to be important

During the days
resistance comes in my live,
as the fog which rolls in on a beautiful summer day.

The heavy blanket of resistance wraps around me,
covers me under the illusions of wrong responsibilities,
until I wake up in the evening wondering where the
possibilities of today have gone

meeting Lilli Rose

It has been a  really nice encounter to meet Lilli Rose.

Even though her first visits were kind of shy, coming out off nowhere, she now shows up more frequently and I start to get used to her. Sometimes she shows up in the middle of some event, urging me to put her down in a quick sketch the idea of where I met her so that I won’t forget…

Lilli Rose is quite a witty, funny little girl and I am always looking forward to see what her next adventures might be.

Here 20121010-141715.jpgshe is, little Lilli Rose.
By the way, she was following me during my vacation in California, I guess, she is also kind of curious to figure out who I am…

Lilli Rose already visited the Zoo, went mountain hiking, visited Hawaii and walked in the rain…