October, monthly review

What I learned the last month seems to be not much and yet it is an essential part of my learning during this sabbatical.
Facing the own expectations and standing strong while our brain tells us how much of a failure we are…

I had so many ideas on how my live would look like without a day job. I was envisioning myself as the perfect artist, painter and photographer…
Looking back on October, the third month which I have time off I have to admit, that little of that what I was envisioning was put in place, that I move much slower than I thought and that the most important thing, the rule of shipping and finishing a project I still have to follow.

But what I do learn is that with time off and if you do not load yourself full of unnecessary projects you will face much more of yourself than you probably want to…

So here is a small list of what I accomplished this last month:
Taking time to spend with a good friend
Going out to have a coffee in the morning
Joining a group of painters on a weekly base
Painting at home
Starting a photo book
Doing much more sport
Enjoying the fall with all its beautiful colors
Continuing on my website (shipping will be now inevitable)
Consulting some hours with my old office

Well, looking at this list so far and knowing that there is still missing lots of what I did, I feel better and I can see that there are a lot of small steps into the direction I want to go…

Perhaps the single most important thing I learned this month for me is to look closer at my own expectations and allowing myself to walk slower….


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