One of my poems – or just some words…

A friend o mine gave me some years ago a big book with white pages. For a long time I was scared to write or draw in it, because is was such a beautiful book and I did not wanted to ruin it.

Then, a couple of years later I started to write on the first page, this was 5 years ago. Now more pages are filled and every so often I pull the book out to write some of my inspirations or poems in it.

And sometimes I pull the book out of the shelf to read what I was writing in the past.

Today I read and I think it is now time  to every so often share what is written in there…

Trust the muse
out there in the open space

take on the challenge
to filter out the words
which later on 
become a poem, a story or a saying

trust that you will not be
but that you will become 
a doula, a midwife of the 
unspoken words
of the open space
the cosmic, common consciousness

do not try to stop it,
be in place to catch the 

love life and have some fun
enjoy the stories which 
come alive 
through you

hk august 2012

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