What’s so bad not to be the first one???

The whole world want’s us to believe that we have to be the first one and only the first place counts.
Today I think this is the worst disbelieve in our culture, the cause of so much suffering, the cause of so much failure and to much unused potential.

The thought about this topic comes out every so often, mostly then when I feel good and in balance, when I have fun doing the things I love to do, these rare moments when the resistance and self doubt gives me a short break.
This short break is what I have to use right now and write down these insights quickly before the opens closes and throws me back in resistance and feeling like a looser…

Just imagine all these amazing people who did achieve so many great results but are forgotten not named, not in our memory, not in our books just because they did not make the first place, just because someone else was a itty tiny bit faster, brighter, higher…

In line with not making the first place or not being named in the important books is the unused talent of so many of us. We all do have a certain most specific talent, most of us do not use it just because we know the chance to make the first place is so slim. In addition we are told by the people we love and trust, that we are not good enough to make the cut and that it is much saver to follow the path which brings stability and safety.

If someone would teach us, that there is nothing like first and second place, that this is a made up fictitious idea about a rating system from ancient times, wouldn’t we be much more open and willing to go our own way try a new path and offer that what we have and what we are truly passionate about?
Sure, there will always be someone who seems to be better then us who is more successful, makes more money or is more well known then we.
BUT what counts ?

Isn’t our world so beautiful because there are much more flowers then the rose, that there are so many different trees, so many different cloud formations?

So it doesn’t matter if you are not the first one or the last one, what counts is that you can stand true to yourself, that you offer and use your talents and that you follow not that wide path in front of you, but your own inner GPS even if it leads you on small roads. Believe that eventually you will reach your goal.

2 responses to “What’s so bad not to be the first one???

  1. Thanks for the lovely insight Heike! I got goosebumps reading that. What a great message for all of us (and hits very close to home for me right now)! Keep being amazing, love you lots! -Chels

  2. dear Chelsea, thank you so much for your feedback and never forget, you can do it, you already came so far, just continue to follow your own path – lots of love

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