December – monthly review

It is January and I am writing my review on December.

For some reason I do feel as it would be years away and it is hard to feel an inner connection to this last month.

Since I joined in November a group of women painting on a weekly basis, I became more and more addicted to paint each day. I love the feeling of deep urge to create and to paint, it is a different lifestyle compared to what I did so far.

It is kind of liberating to stop thinking and trying to figure out life in my head, but to just act without thinking, without  judging  the action,  allowing the things to come out as they develop.

It is a new concept for me because I am so much used to analyze, to evaluate and to ponder about the outcome, the gain or the consequences.  Looking back I can say that I became more aware of what kind of person I normally am:  “very much in my head” and how at ease it feels to me to change the side and stop my head for at least some hours a day.

Once the process of painting is over for the day, the thinking, analyzing and criticizing comes back, brings me back to reality.

I hope that the month to come will teach me how to get both sides together in a healthy way…

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