Leaving footprints behind

DSC_0012It is still the beginning of the year but at the same time the end of a life of someone who truly left his mark behind.

Stefan was a priest in our church for several years and started a youth movement so strong that the connection lasted his lifetime and influenced the lives of us who spend the time with him. His sudden death formed a tremendous wave of sadness and condolences .

I am sad that he had to go so early but am very thankful to have had the chance to meet him and to experience a human who can touch the inner core of others. His open and kind personality was truly compassionate, something which you can not find often.
His death makes me think about what is truly important in live and what will people remember when I will die someday. Will I have left my footprint behind? Have I touched people and made my surrounding a better place?

It seems to me that it is more and more important to connect with people, building friendships and connections, providing fun and laughter besides the hardships of our life.

If you live a compassionate life within the community you are living in, it is multiplied by the amount of people you meet. Being a compassionate single person just only concentrating on your own, it will leave some marks but there won’t be to many people around who will remember you or who will be able to see your footprints once you are gone.

I am thankful for this person who made me think this thoughts and who has showed me that even today it is possible to live a spiritual and compassionate life, which will make this world a better place.

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