Nothing to carry – nothing to worry

Since last week I am back. Not physically back from one place but somehow mentally, spiritually.
Perhaps I should say I am awake again.

I started going back to my practice of getting up early and starting the day with meditating and writing my morning pages.

While I was sitting for 20 min. the words “nothing to carry – nothing to worry” popped up in my head and since during meditation I try to let all the thoughts go and not to think, I hoped that if this was an important insight it would come back later to me…. And it did.

How great is it to start the day with the knowing that for 20 minutes you do not have to carry anything with you. The past stays in the past and the future is not here yet, just the precious presence. Your shoulders and muscles can relax and you do not have to worry about a single thing, just for these 20 minutes. Your face can relax, the wrinkles get stretched, and a smile can appear to your face. During these 20 minutes the world will keep spinning, with or without your help, your thoughts or your worries.

It is very comforting to know that you can let go…at least once a day.

Wishing you a great start to your day and may you once experience the ease of letting go.


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