detour – a way to learn without knowing

DSC_0024As I  mentioned in my last post, the past month was slow and nothing spectacular has happened.

On our vacation last week in the beautiful Provence I somehow took this picture without  intentionally recognizing the sign. Back home, going through my Photos I realized that this Photo is a good symbol for what is currently going on in my life and perhaps in many of others life.

We live in the most beautiful settings but cannot really see the beauty surrounding us, instead we are captured by our thoughts, anxieties and attachments.
We have the feeling of turning in circles without knowing why. We force our selves to go faster or to push even harder to reach some goal we often even do not know about.
Instead of stopping and enjoying what is, we run and follow the detour sign without even knowing it, until we ran enough circles to hopefully finally wake up and see the sign. Only than we can realize that we were looking for some kind of shortcut, some faster way or just a different one instead to accept the fact, that sometimes you will find the way by stopping and not by moving.

Sometimes you have to take a lot of detours to reach home.

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