Daily Archives: May 30, 2013

May – monthly review OR recognizing you precious life

It is not yet the final day of May, but I do have the time to write.
I am riding the train to Freiburg, meeting a college to prepare a seminar. It will be our so called test balloon, seeing if we will be able to pull this off and to share our experiences about how to transform our ideas in making them alive.

This morning, observing all the people who where with me on the same train, the thought came to me, that there is not really an in-between in working or not working. Either you are in or you are out, both positions are not very comfortable to be in.
You either get stressed out and develop health issues by the pure terror of stress at work or you get bored and cannot sleep because of wondering what you should do with your live, without money or other resources.

My year of ‘creative time out’ is going to end and I do wonder what I have accomplished. I am always thinking, that what I did needs to be measurable, needs to withstand the common success rate.
And this morning I do wonder why it is so difficult for me to just value all the interesting and challenging experiences I have made so far without the big Hollywood like outcome and success.

We so often measure our life with what we see, hear or read in the media, not really being aware that these story’s are the ones from either unreal characters or from the one in a million. We start to devalue our own ‘unspectacular’ life, because we miss the point, we overlook all these wonderful little precious moments which form our lives on a day to day living.

live is not a matter of milestones, but of moments

Our time is brief from Ian Berenger on Vimeo.