Let the creative journey begin – and this day end…

Since I promised to blog again about the elephants second journey to France, I will do it, starting today, even though I am completely wiped out from the little sleep and the long drive.
I did got little sleep due to too late coffee enjoyment yesterday. The car was packed quickly, as I prepared thankfully everything the night before and at 8:00am this morning my little car and I drove south.

I thought about posting a video of me driving, but I decide against it. It seems too weird, instead I will show you some photos of the little town I am staying at tonight.

Le Puy is one of the french starting points of the camino de Santiago de Compostela, an very well known old pilgrimage in Europe which ends in north west of Spain. The Spanish part of this way is the most know, but there are passages all through Europe, Swiss, Germany, France an more.
Visiting the old cathedral this afternoon I was touched as I am so often when I am visiting an old sacred place. I seem to feel the energy of all theses paraders which have been spoken throughout the centuries. It touches me to think about all the different motivations each person has brought and still up to today is bringing with him or her, hoping to find something, something they can not find in their day to day life.

And in some way or the other, I am on my own unique pilgrimage, since a long time looking for purpose and searching for a way to bring my creativity to life.
I will do my best to share whatever I will find on my way…






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