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Day two – selling my first painting

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It was an epic day. I did sell my first painting, practically still wet. Torn between pure terror of letting it go and of the possibility to succeed describe the emotions which followed this surprising event. The biggest doubt about … Continue reading

Day one – getting started

setting up the place where you will paint is always an interesting thing. It is like staking out your territory, your own private space, where the muse will feel invited and come to you as you paint.

I for myself prefere the area with the high ceiling, giving me a big enough head height to work and perhaps to let the muse sit up there before she decides to come down and kiss me…

Choosing the motive for the painting seems to be the hard work and it feels like looking for something you even don’t know that it exists. After that, the first few brushstrokes are a freeing feeling, a release of the stored and accumulated energy.Until you stop and look at your painting in the evening, hoping it will advance to something better…

Love the first day in getting to know my new playground and making brief first contact with my painting muse who thankfully greeted me today…