Day four – being productive

The day was well used. After finally getting up in the morning I needed to see some of the nature of the villages’ surrounding. We hiked up the hill for about 45 min. and what we saw then was a wild open hilly landscape partly covered in some traces of light puffy clouds. At the other we could see the long flat land which stretched in the direction of the ocean. Unfortunately I did not bring my camera, probably due to the rain. It was just spectacular!
After this lookout I was ready to get back on my easel and continuing my work. It seems, that sometimes it helps to climb a mountain and see things from a different perspective.

The urge of painting came back to me today.

I will show you some of the things I worked on…

This is a painting I started back home looking at a photo I took last year.20130620-230348.jpg





My second chair, since I sold my first one…20130620-230401.jpg


A photo of the nearby Abby and the first draft of my painting…20130620-230440.jpg20130620-230310.jpg

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