Day seven – the doggy bag

The last day passed, the bags are packed and I will have to say good by to this wonderful place, until I come back and I promise it will happen.

My doggy bag is filled with left overs, left overs of paint and images, paintings and many good wishes. It is filled with all the beautiful impressions of this time.

It seems I have come along a far stretch of my own path in living and creating my creative life. Even though I do not know yet where it leads to, I know that there is no going back possible any longer.

In addition to this I have two chairs in my doggy bag which I bought on the “vide grenier” ( flee market) today, together with about 30 pastel blue tiles. Everyone who has only a slight interest on the common flee markets would fall in love with these little village vide greniers where everyone sells things from this generation to the ones of our great or even great great parents….




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