Day six – exploring the beauty of this area

Day six brought the needed and well cherished time of exploring more of the beautiful area in southern France. The weather turned out to surprise us with the presence of the sun and warm light.
I am stocked by the beauty of Albi, the birthplace of Henri Toulouse Lautrec. The museum just by itself is worth the visit. It would take to much to describe this experience, you just have to come and see it at some point for yourself.

Our second stop was a village called Cordes sur Ciel. My camera by then already ran out of batteries, which probably was a good thing, otherwise I would have come back with a thousand more photos. Go and make it to your experience, it will be far beyond you can imagine. It isn’t only the beauty of this town, but also how it is nested up on a hill and opens the view out tho the landscape on many unexpected corners.

Yesterday I ran out of my allowance for using the words “so beautiful” and “wow”…







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