Being home after a long journey

This weekend my nice came home after a year in Latin America and with her some interesting thoughts and an better understanding of what makes it sometimes so difficult to come home and staying home after a long journey.

First, I think, when we leave home and our used environment, we also leave a lot of expectations from our family and friends behind us. We step out of a circle of not only social security but also out of the hidden and unspoken rules of society on how we are supposed to be.

Second, when we are away and in a different setting away from our normal social and cultural surroundings, we can explore and define ourselves completely new. We can be the person we are in our core when we do not have to conform to what defines us at home.

Perhaps this is one essential point why it is so difficult to come back and be surrounded by our “old” family and friends. We know somewhere deep down in us, that this part what we learned about us, is invisible to the others and we are afraid we will not be able to keep this cherished new friend. We know that the experience we made will be only understandable by the ones who accompanied us during this time.

I remember coming home from Latin America when I was 21 and how difficult the readjustment was for me. The so called culture shock did not happened when I arrived there, but when I came back home.

Today I can say the same thing for my experiences I made in Southern France painting.
So I do wander, how can we learn to stay friend with the new part of me which made me feel so happy?

I guess the only thing we can do is to train, as we train everything else we want to learn, by taking consistence effort and small steps to be the person we love to be.


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