The last month of completing my creative sabbatical and continuing my path


My dear friends and follower of the elephants journeys.
I am at the end of a year, this July it will be 12 month having taken time off work and I am extremely happy and busy finishing this year with my first art show starting July 26, 2013 with a Vernissage at the natural healing center Bodensee, in my hometown in Germany.

This week I placed the first paintings, printed posters and flyers to announce it around town, finished my website and continued to paint…

It feels so rewarding to finally show my work to the real world, in a physical setting not only on the web. I know that you are most likely not living in the same country, not even an the same continent, but I would love to invite you to at least visit my website and see there the majority of my work

It is  also time to thank you, for following me and therefore having given me your support so far, to do and to continue what I love to do, being a creative human.

The year will end, but my path will continue, I will focus more and more on my creative life. The plan is to continue painting and to continue to share my experiences in the ups and downs of leading a creative life, while also making a living with everything which brings in money without getting totally burned out again…

“Art heals wounds inflicted by reason”

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