You can’t fight a painting

Only three more days to go before my first show.
Eager to give my best, I wanted to improve one of my earlier paintings. I started with the feeling of “oh, this won’t be easy, but I will show you that I can”. So I started determinate to show who the master is – and …. failed…
I kept fighting with my painting until I totally screwed it up. Now I know again, that with painting it is with in real life.
Aggressive willpower to change something to the better does not work. You can not force the good in live. You have to be gentle and calm and also respect the fact, that a change sometimes comes with its own set of rules.

So for today, keep calm even if resistance wants to stab you in the back. Just continue with a open gentle mind and belief that all the little steps will finally bring you forward and that things change when it is time for change…

2 responses to “You can’t fight a painting

  1. I so related to this story of battling wills against your Art and Life! It is so true and I attempt to learn this lesson every day. I recently was making a cement sculpture and the toes of one of the feet kept wanting to split and break off. Finally I gave in and knew that if it was breaking now while wet it would eventually break over time in that very spot. But not only did I have to give in once, but twice as it decided it still did not like being the size that I had given into. This sculpture truly had a will of it’s own. And so it goes in my daily life, and a lesson learned that my art has given me.

    • Dear jpfeife4art, first of all thanks for stopping by and taking time to read my post. Second, thank you for sharing your own experience about doing art. In moments like this, where the art itself finds its way to come through, it shows me that there is something more involved in the art, then my personal, limited ego. I am thankful for these moments, it lets me feel being part of a bigger creative spirit…

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