the first day of the challenge

good morning France!
let the creative spirit catch us 😉
klick here for Day 1 creative Challenge

One response to “the first day of the challenge

  1. Heike,
    I just finished my non-donminate hand self-portrait. Before I began drawing (with the intention of doing a practice drawing first, lol, because i had never drawn with my left hand on my iPad) I played the first track “Creating from a Field Beyond Inspiration” and as I did so, I let myself let go and just for a few moments allowing whatever was to come, come. I gave myself permission to be “less perfect” for a few minutes.
    I thought you and the other participating artists might like to take a listen too. I will forward my self-portrait and my second drawing later today from my iPad.
    Heike, thanks for inviting me to join you with heart and soul in Soreze. And more thanks for the photo of the kitchen from 10 Ferlus that was in this morning’s email. My taste buds are alive with memories of last year’s simple feasts created together in that kitchen.
    bisous, Gail aka gforbesshannon
    Track from Rikka Zimmerman

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