Day 7 – “vide grenier” the French Sunday Sport

Sunday I participated in one of my favorite sports here in France – going to the vide grenier.
A vide grenier is a flea marked held mostly Sundays, in all different villages and towns throughout the summer.
The ones I particularly love are the ones in very small little villages, where almost everyone participates, from the children to the grandparents. It is something very intimate, almost as you would participate in a neighborhood party.  Looking at the things which are offered are as interesting as the surrounding of the villages and the faces of the vendors. At these events, the person who sells the things, often has a very close relation to what he sells and arranges them in this kind of caring manner.
Even with my very few words I was able to have some lovely conversation with lots of laughing and fun.

Another highlight of the day was that I did find a field with blooming sunflowers – my day could not have been any better.

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