things do matter

Having spent the New Years Eve in Venice and having visited the Basilica San Marco, something important struck me.

I guess it particular struck me because through art I am able to understand   things, which are important in live, a lot better. It is as if you hear or read things

in your mother tong.

“Things do matter”  – is a new understanding for me, since in the past years I was more drawn to the understanding of how insignificant we humans are in relation of nature, the worlds age  and  the little time span we live on earth.

The detailed sculpture of a small bronze head on top of a holy water basin did teach me some additional truth.

There in this huge church, filled with thousands of other details, big vaulted ceilings, huge columns, meters high mosaics, there this little sculpture was radiating such strength, that I as many other visitor’s had to stop and look closely, letting me being touched by the self confidence, the delicate presence and the tiny detailed masterpiece of this small about 5cm high bronze head.
The face of John the baptize displayed such devotedness and compassion that it

was clear to me, that even this littlest art piece in this huge church did matter to the artist who create it. There was no excuse that our live span is short, that the resources they had during this time were scarce, nor that the head in comparison to the church was meaningless.

So my conclusion for this New Year is “Things do matter” no matter on how small your work is, no matter on how much more important or big in scale the surrounding is – your art does matter!

You have the responsibility to give your best in each single thing you create.

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