Don’t stop creating

if_it_is_trueIf it is true, that we can only live a small part of what there is in us, – what happens with the rest?

This is a quote of one of my favorite books from Pascal Mercier “Night Train to Lisbon”
I did read this book several years ago and just opened it again this week. The first view pages captured me immediately again, the reason why I kept it throughout all the moving I did.

This time it probably provides me with a different meaning as it did before. Today I am worried stopping to create, afraid about what will be left inside me if I do not continue. It feels as if this” rest” screams in fear of becoming buried alive without having had the chance to see the light of the world.

This is why today and tomorrow and hopefully many more days after these, I will remember these words, in order to
incite me to choose the doing over the thinking,
to choose the creating over the resting
and to choose writing over reading.

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