To be or not to be – (an artist)

suche_nach_wahrheitTo be or not to be  (an artist)

That’s the question for now.

Lately my thoughts spin all day and night, trying to find a solution for my “problem”.
A problem most artistic people who found their passion and calling in doing art, face at some point – “How to make a living with the things you love to do?”

Many of us were raised in believing work can not be fun and there is no way to lead a successful live as an artist, other than the very view chosen ones who are not you…

This message sits very deep within our core, our body and even if we are able to enjoy phases of the happiness in creating, we eventually will get blocked, limited and shout down by this very strong idea of generations’ before us.

Spending again a sleepless night, not giving in the precept and believing that there has to be a way to make a living as an artist, I stumbled upon Gwenn Liberty Seemel’s blog and website. Her ideas and authentic way in talking and writing about her art and how she approaches the challenge to find a way to live of her art, touched and inspired me.

So for today I just want to pass on a link to her blog with the wish:
may you find also inspiration for your way by reading what she has to say.

2 responses to “To be or not to be – (an artist)

  1. Virginia Smith

    Heike, Thanks for passing this on and keeping me in your loop. Am just 3 weeks away from 6 weeks in Soreze. Haven’t been there since I last saw you driving away in your cute little Fiat. Am continuing to use my iPad and apps for my primary source of art. My long time friend, Ann Hart Marquis from New Mexico is meeting me there and we will be doing our art during the week and vide granier ing each weekend. Have three artists I would add to your list for inspiration; my friend Ann, Robert Burridge and Myrna Wacknov. Wishing you continued success, Ga

    • Dear Gail, so happy for you being in Soreze doing art soon!!! It is just such a special place.
      This coming Sunday I will go to Patmos a small Greek Island. I plan to blog from there about painting and doing art. I will bring my paints, brushes and canvases and check out how it will be to paint there.
      Regarding Art inspiration: check out David Hockney, he is one of me favorite inspirations at the moment. He is using his Ipad to do art as well.
      All the best to you too – Heike

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