Time traveling

It is hot and my backpack seems heavier as my own weight. My shoulders hurt and my knees ache while all other travelers happily pas me pulling their easy rolling trolleys behind them.
No one, other than me and my nice,who accompanies me (last minute decision), seems to know what a backpack is.
Traveling at the Greek island definitely changed since my first, but also my last time here.
The feeling and experience since arriving last night and traveling today is something like – to bad that I am old(er), to bad that I thought, a backpack is still the appropriate luggage to take and being surprised that the epic center of vacations for young west European people has to be somewhere else.

Nevertheless, the water is still crystal clear, the temperature warm but nice with the wind and the Greek people still as friendly as always.

I did unpack the heavy luggage filled with all my painting supply and already set it up to start painting tomorrow.
Looking forward to explore again the beauty of the island.

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